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Made with the finest all natural ingredients and the purest essential oils, our pomade will provide the perfect hold for most hair types. If you need something thicker than a just a simple oil with a bit of hold but stilll healthy enough for your hair, this is it. The scent blend is clean and subtle with light wood and citrus nots. It is great for hair growth. Not as solid as beeswax but certainly firmer than a gel, the hair pomade is made with our proprietary blend of oils and is great for edges, 360 waves, fades and other short hair cuts. Use as much as needed but rub between palms to melt for application.

Millenheirs Hair Pomade

  • Scoop a small amount between your pointer and middle finger and transfer it to your other hand. Rub the pomade between your palms to melt the mixture and apply a small amount to hair. Increase the amount as needed.

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